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FY16 Budget
February 11, 2015
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Principal's Corner
The Hobbit
February 20, 2015

The Principal’s Corner




Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Many thanks to our cast, crew, chorus, parent volunteers, and the Very Merry Theatre for their donations of time, talent, and treasure to bring “The Hobbit” to the stage last weekend. The ability to be a part of a school play experience is one which children are likely to remember all their lives. We take this time to thank and congratulate the following people on a job very well done.

Our cast: Heath Walker, Henrik Huynh, Sami Crafts, Hayleigh Newsome, Caleb Purvee, Haley Walker, Laura Hoak, Mae Jeffers, Dominic Dahlen, Alivia Mazza, Arrianna Harvey, Fransine Nigena, Vestine Niyogushimwa, Anthony Albarelli, Devon Brace, Fabian Diaz-Cartagena, Suniya Hussein, Lennon L’Ecuyer, Ateir Ajena, Leah Chamberlain, Christian Daigle, Miesha Daniels, Mitchell Harvie, Christopher Gilmond, Owen Dinklage, Olivia Calderin, Paige Moody, Emily Maynard, Alecktra Stojanovic, Tiko Bedrosian, Ethan Park, Rory Stein, Laila Roberts, Annemiek Kashindi, Taylor Roberts, Arianna Lyons, Axel Laing, Robbie Safran, and Willa Chaparro-Hammond. Our chorus included: Achan Ajena, Sarah Bahrenburg, Erika Benware, Kyle Burt-Watson, Tevian Chau, Lilly Caputo, Lillian Connoly, Eden Delaney, Wesley Gilmond, Zoe Grimard, Max Ladner, Skyler Lamphere, Veronica Lindstrom, Pratikchhya Mizar, Nora Moody, Mason Morgan, Jayden Mutume, Erica Niyimpaye, Grace Park, Morgan Richardson, Miranda Stillwell, Alaina Tyler, and Tai Vo. Our crew members were: Macey Allard, Jonathan Ashimwe, Nash Barlow, Olivia Calderin, Mariah Larson, Maren, Lindstrom, Veronica Lindstrom, Christian Magnuson, Colin Mathis, Lindsay McGinley, Garrett Micciche, Paige Moody, and Caleb Purvee. Our dedicated parent and community volunteers included: Megan Laing, Jennifer L’Ecuyer, Janira Cartagena, Shelley Hoak, Gini Park, John Park, Elise Whittemore-Hill, Andy Metcalf, Meghan Purvee, Eric Lindsrom, Kate Stein, Michael Stein, Haik Bedrosian, Holly Jeffers, Violetta Sagetela, Terese Daigle, Sarah Chamberlain, Keri Crafts, Beth Bahrenburg, Jennifer Reay, and Kendra Sowers and Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien, Karen Amirault, Lori Hayes, Russ Flannigan, Aiden Flannigan, Patricia Fitzgerald, Brad Ohlson, A.J. Banach, and Brian MacFayden of the Very Merry Theatre. Thanks to all of you for all you have done for our school!


Our winter vacation begins on Monday, February 23rd and continues through Tuesday, March 3rd. School resumes for students on Wednesday, March 4th at 8:10 a.m. On that same topic, the Burlington School District requires schools to notify parents/guardians whenever their children have been absent from or tardy to school 5,10,15,20, and 25 times during a school year. When the total of absences or late arrivals surpasses 25, we are asked to consider notifying the Chittenden County State’s Attorney’s Office for follow-up and support. We prefer to work with parents/guardians directly to support good school attendance, which in turn, leads to greater academic success for students. That is why we ask parents/guardians to meet with school officials at the 15-day mark to develop with them a plan for better school attendance for their children.


Thanks for all you are doing—and will do—to make our school community one of safety, respect, and responsibility for all who come through our doors.