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Principal's Corner
June 5, 2015

Dear C.P. Smith Parents/Guardians,

I wanted to write and tell you what a joy it has been to be with all of your
children, the incredible C.P. Smith staff, and you over the past several weeks, albeit
not for a happy reason.  As Thom continues to recover from his surgery,
I am working with staff to carry out the end-of-the-year activities and
complete the administrative tasks necessary to conclude the year.
I have marveled at the level of engagement on the part of students in their learning here at C.P. Smith.  This is a tribute to the skill and dedication of the teachers and support staff.  Everyone at C.P. Smith, from the cafeteria staff
to the custodial staff to the office staff, teachers and assistants work hard each day to nurture an environment in which your children can learn and grow.
I hope this summer you will enjoy many happy moments with your children and that they will continue to grow and mature next year here at C.P. Smith.
As our preparations for the next school year take shape, we are able to provide families with more and more specific information about teacher assignments, the calendar, etc…  What follows is our list of teacher assignments for the 2015-2016 school year:
Kindergarten:  Ms. Flanagan, Mrs. Spinner
Grade 1:  Mrs. Slack, TBD
Grade 2:  Mrs. Judy Carpenter, Mrs. Patty Kissell, and Ms. Brittany Belanger
Grade 3:  Mrs. Nicole Bahrenburg, Mrs. Kelly Mancuso, and Mr. Josh Safran
Grade 4:  Ms. Kim Brockway
Grade 4/5:  Mrs. Erkson
Grade 5:  Mrs. Carol McHugh, Mr. Dale Pecor
Congratulations to our 5th graders as they move on to middle school!